Huh, who knew that you can batch rename files using Automator


I used to use the free este trial version of A Better Finder Rename 8, as good as it was, the free version only allows me to rename 10 items at a time.

So I went to look for other options and found out that Automator can do (well not everything, but enough) what A Better Finder Rename 8 does.

I added this sorter in between.

So there 🙂 Automator <3.


Question: How to view .PVR textures?


Am just going to post this question here, in case anyone knows the answer.

I’m using Leopard. I already tried QuickLook plugins like QuickPVR and PVRUncrush (they don’t work). Also TexturePacker wouldn’t install in Leopard.

Anyone with ideas?

Please and thank you.

Maybe I should post this over at StackOverflow, yes, I’ll do that too.


No, problem not solved. But I posted it to StackOverflow and is not awaiting replies…

Reply please?