“New Year, New You” with Apps


New year… new year resolutions…

My goal for this year is to lose my chubby tummy! So far I’m trying (desperately trying, seemingly failing) a low carb diet, exercise…

And I downloaded a bunch of Apps:


So far, I’ve tried to “work out” using Seven and lolo’s Easy Abs.


Although Seven only comes with 12 free Full Body exercises, which includes push ups and planking, which I don’t think is physically possible for me.

I really like the perky cheerleader attitude of the voice over trainer in Seven. Although if I were to listen to her voice for 7 months, I might get sick of it.

Seven is great because the entire session only spans for 7 minutes, and it includes rests, which I definitely need, in between each exercise.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/7-minute-workout-seven-high/id650276551?mt=8

lolo’s Easy Abs

I just tried out lolo’s Easy Abs yesterday, and I like it so far.

It’s all about exercises to get abs, which I’d like to strive for. But I’ll be just as happy if I can just get rid of my chubby tummy.

I love that it has videos with voice over instructions showing each exercise. Since I’m quite a stranger to exercises, I want to make sure that I’m doing it right.

And each day includes 5 exercises (which you can swap based on your preference); the free version only allows 3 minute sessions.

And there are different sets of exercises for each day, which I think should prevent me from getting bored.

You can also play music, the app will change the song’s BPM to match your pace. Although I’m not really a workout music kind of person, so I haven’t tried that function yet.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/easy-abs-free/id491194029?mt=8

Moves and Walking Hello Kitty are apps that I downloaded as pedometer (they say even walking helps lose calories!).


I really like the look of Moves, and it tracks where I walk to and from. And it counts how long, how far, how many steps and how many calories I lose per day.

The only thing that I don’t like about Moves is I can’t see a graph of my progress.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/moves/id509204969?mt=8

Walking Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty anything is super cute.




You can dress up Kitty, change your background, etc. And see your progress in a Calendar form or through a graph…

But but but, I don’t know why it’s buggy on my device (maybe because I’m only an iPhone 5 running iOS 7), it doesn’t seem to be able to track my steps at all.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/simple-diet!-walking-hello/id899014492?mt=8

So at the end of the day, I actually deleted both Moves and Walking Hello Kitty. Instead I downloaded Pacer because it links up with My Fitness Pal.


Pacer is also a pedometer, it tracks steps, you can record your weight and blood pressure, and presents your progress in really nice graphs.

You can even set a target and it’ll help you track how close you are getting to your target with your steps each day.

EDIT: At the end of the day, I deleted Pacer, because it drains my phone’s battery.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pacer-pedometer-plus-weight/id600446812?mt=8

My Fitness Pal

I think I need to keep track of the food I eat to make sure that I’m dieting more than I’m cheating (according to my friend, cheat day only happens once a week! aghast!).

It allows me to keep a diary of the food I eat. And it has a seemingly large database of foods (it even has the Taiwanese pineapple cake and the Filipino dish giniling!), so I can find out how much calories each contains. You can set a target for each day, and it will automatically calculate if you are over or under you target (I am unfortunately almost over my target, but I will try harder).

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/calorie-counter-diet-tracker/id341232718?mt=8

And I was just curious what my ideal weight is, so I downloaded runtastic’s Ideal Weight.

Ideal Weight

And guess what? I am only 3 KGs away from underweight, and I actually still 2.7 KGs shy from my ideal weight. That means that I need to lose my chubby tummy without losing weight, in fact, I need to gain weight.


And I also found out that I am lighter than 94.9% of the population!


Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/your-ideal-weight-and-bmi/id488717031?mt=8

I also downloaded a secret folder app to hide my chubby tummy progress photos.

But the app that I think will help me most of all is Line.

Because my friends on the other end, asks me what I had for lunch, for dinner to make sure I keep with my diet. And she send cute stickers.



Link: https://itunes.apple.com/EN/app/line/id443904275?mt=8

New Year, New Me? Aja! Fight on!


Maru Jump!


So we made another game starring Maru Penguin (check out previous game?).

Maru Penguin had been many things: flash drive, mug, piggie (rather, penguin) bank, wrap, strap, etc…

And now, in our latest game “Maru Jump Lite”, Maru, who keeps craving for fish which he believes exist above the clouds, and finally decided to jump towards the sky to take a look.

Show Maru some love? And download the game, please and thank you? http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/maru-jump-lite/id552254820?mt=8

Even though it’s called Lite, this is a full game, and it’s ad-free. The full version of the game will be available soon in select countries (with some additional features, like *hint* win IRL prizes…? *hint*).

That’s it

The App Store gamble continues…


Reblog of my AltDevBlogADay post.

My first blog post on #AltDevBlogADay is about the AppStore being a gamble. In this blog post, I will continue where my story left off.The App Store is a gamble, so what should you put your money on? The question continues, and will hopefully find some answers.

So, our company finished a game recently, it’s called “Absolute Instant” and it’s now available on the app store.

I am going to let tweets do the talking:

We are shocked because someone (that’s not us, or our friends) made a thread about our game on TouchArcade and people were talking about it. And then my boss is constantly Google-ing “Absolute Instant”, and all of us get so excited when we hear people writing reviews about it. There were good reviews and bad ones (mostly from the Japanese). There was one review in Japanese that described our game so bad, that one of the readers became intrigued and went to buy our game. So there really is no bad publicity, huh.

More tweets a conversation between me and my friend from the Philippines: (our conversation was mostly in Tagalog, so I will include translations)

31wpm: (My boss said our game has been pirated)

Google “Absolute Instant”, and you will see links to IPA download sites, they are mostly in Chinese, why they even gave our game a Chinese name, “巅峰时刻” (no idea how to read those words).

lendegracia: (that was quick)

And yes, sometimes, piracy can be a form of flattery. Because they liked our game enough to jailbreak it and share it to the world. Er..

31wpm: (they are so nice, they are helping us promote)

And hopefully, if our game is good enough, we will get our fair share. Hopefully.

Our company tweets too:

Most of the comments I received on my previous blog post about marketing. It’s not enough to just make an app, a game, that is good. You have to market it, and you have to market it well. Listed above are some of my bosses marketing efforts. Also our game designer also drops by all the Taiwanese and Chinese iPhone apps forums and starting threads and leaving comments. And one good thing about promoting it locally, the readers would say, “支持國產的遊戲” (which I think translates to, support games produced by your own country…? Okay, my Chinese is terrible), and they would proceed to buy it.

And the most exciting news we heard over the weekend, through luck, effort and divine intervention:

We are featured this week on the New and Noteworthy list for both Apps and Games. More stats:

All Games: #169
Top Arcade: #54
Top Action: #63
Game Center by Popularity: #83

The numbers are changing as we speak.

In our pep talk email from our boss, he mentions one very important thing, “Making the chart is one thing, but staying on the chart is another.” So still more marketing, more updates. Everything we can to keep our game rising on the list.

At the end of the day, there is not definitive answer that Arcade Shooters are the way to go, but for one thing, they were much more easy to market than our previous travel app.

Well, this is the story so far.

P.S. To all the nice people who have left comments and good advices on my previous post, thank you.

P.P.S. Game spiel:

Mobili Studio presents a new breed of shooting game designed base on iPhone’s unparalleled controls.

DRAG the circular region to move the fighting jets.
TAP anywhere to teleport out of enemies’ attacks.
SHAKE to drop a black hole bomb that sucks in all enemies’ bullets, even the smaller enemies!

•Unique teleporting gameplay (only possible on touchscreen!)
•3 difficulty levels
•2 characters with different attacks
•5 stages with bullet hell bosses
•Over 30 different enemy types
•Various magical attacks from special enemies and bosses
•Compatible with Game Center
•Built-in tutorial
•Awesome HD graphics
•Fast paced and adrenaline rushed music

Enter the war zone and conquer the Celestians using the breakthrough technology Terrestrians discovered – Absolute Instant (A.i.)! With this newfound power, the oppressed gained the ability to TELEPORT in the sky, and swore to end the centuries long battle…

P.P.P.S. Please support our game :) We also have a Lite version available. Please and thank you.




The App Store is a gamble – so what should you put your money on?


Reblog from my AltDevBlogADay post, with some updates to follow (in another post, maybe).

Do you know that the App Store has 350,000+ apps?  With more than 10 billion apps downloaded (how many zeros are in a billion again? Oh yah, 9). So 10,000,000,000 divided by 350,000 gets us 28,571 and some decimal points.  So if the downloads are divided equally among apps, your app would have made 28k, but that is obviously not the case. There is no way for us to find out how many downloads each app actually gets, unless they tell us. According to the people behind Angry Birds, their franchise reached 200 million downloads, their original game has somewhere over 100 million, while Angry Birds Rio has over 10 million.  Words with Friends, over 10 million; Fruit Ninja, over 6 million; Cut the Rope, over 6 million. According to Matt Rix’s blog, his Trainyard Express has over 2 million. While Outfit7 announced recently that their Talking friends reached the 100 million downloads.

But there are also apps that just sit there, unnoticed in the App Store. And the developer just waits, waits until someone discovers that it’s there, and hopefully downloads it and likes it.

So our company (a tiny studio with 2 bosses, 1 project manager, 1 designer, 3 programmers and 3 artists) released our first app two months ago (forgive me, but please let me plug a bit, it’s called Visual Travel Checklist (VTC), and it’s a travel essential application that helps you prepare and pack for your trips. VTC provides an intuitive user interface with vibrant icons as the TO-DOs and TO-BRINGs. Who says getting ready for a trip has to be bothersome and wordiness? No longer is the process of writing on notepad then crossing tasks and items out needed! VTC is a brand new way to prep and pack!). View in App Store.

From the development to the QA, to the submission to the App Store, I have this “let’s do this first app heck yeah” chant going on in my head. I will let my tweet speak for me:

Waiting for our app to be approved and be on the App Store, was like watching water boil. There was literally days when I would press F5 over and over again on my iTunes Connect page. And when it finally was approved and has this cute little green bullet that says “Ready for Sale”, I was like (more tweets):

I am an over enthusiastic fan girl, forgive me.

And then… what then? Then that’s it. Just because it’s on the App Store it doesn’t mean that people know that it’s in there. There are 350,000+ apps in there. Relax though, there are only around 600+ travel apps that start with the letter V (I counted). So how can you possibly stand out among that crowd? Well, since the release, my two bosses have been working hard marketing our app (review sites, promotional videos and all), and it should help us a little.

So here I am, waiting. The whole thing just feels so anti climatic.

Moving on, our company’s second app is a shooter game (code name: A.i.), sneak preview from our company’s Facebook page:


Well, there are 3000+ games on the App Store that starts with the letter A (I know, I know, I should be counting the total number of games on the App Store). So that means more competition, boo.

You may note that our two apps are very very different. That’s because we are a new studio, and our bosses thinks that we should try making all kinds of apps, and then see which succeeds. Yeah, remember what the title of this post, the App Store is a gamble (after that really long intro and plug, I’m finally getting to it). I am actually very lucky, in our company, anyone can come up with an app idea, and if the rest of us feel that it’s good, we’ll do it, we’ll make it. It can be a game, a lifestyle app, a utility app, anything, as long as it’s a good idea.

So what kind of idea should I come up with? What kind of app should we be putting our money on?

It is worth noting, that on Apple’s list of All Time Top Paid iPhone Apps, Doodle Jump, a game, is number 1, followed by Tap Tap Revenge 3, also a game, and then Pocket God, game, and then Angry Birds, obviously game. In fact, only AppBox Pro Alarm, is not a game on the Top 10 All Time Top Paid iPhone Apps. In the Free section however, the non game apps fare just fine. But we are in it to make money, so let’s just ignore the Free section for now, it’s not as if we can compete with Facebook anyway.

So are people willing to spend more on games than lifestyle apps, utility apps or travel apps (I didn’t count Social Networking apps, because they get a lot of downloads too, but they’re mostly free)?

But in terms of development, that travel app is cake compared to that hell of a shooter. Time is also of value here. We can make more apps in a year, if the development time for each one is shorter. But if we take more time, we might be able to make an app that has a bigger chance of kicking ass and charge more :) (like Infinity Blade- that kicks ass, and I don’t think anyone, so far, can compete with them). Jon Jordan from pocketgamer.biz estimated that Inifinity Blade sales reached at least 3 million dollars within three weeks, with more than 600k downloads at $5.99 per download.

Although it’s really hard to tell, because Talking apps by Outfit7 reached 100 million downloads, and their apps (have you guys tried them? Talking Tom Cat is absolutely adorable) basically what those apps do is, you say something, and then the animal will repeat it, in this chipmunk like voice. They have other functions too, like you can feed the cat milk, or play with it, but most of the additional functions are In App Purchases. In terms of development, it’s a simple app.  But maybe it sells because it’s a simple app. Just a cute (how can something with chipmunk voices not be cute?) little app, but it sells (In App Purchases anyway, most of their apps are actually free, or priced at a dollar).

And of course, there are the miracles that happen in the App Store. I think Andreas Illiger really hit the jackpot with Tiny Wings. It’s a very beautiful game and it’s fun, and people really like it (my officemates are addicted). Why, it can even compete with Angry Birds.

So, how would you know, really, what kind of app, what kind of game will do well in the App Store? Please comment :)