Introduction to Art: Concepts and Techniques on Coursera


I made a collage by cutting out pictures from magazines. I wanted to create an artwork that had a plain background, so the center piece would be emphasized, so I looked for pieces with shades of white and had a lot of textures. Then I drew on the collage with a thin black pen to add details.

I was inspired by Joan Miro’s Personages that features a plain textured blue background, so that the audience is immediately drawn to the drawings dead center.

My artwork is entitled “Caged” and it features a bird by the window, trapped in a cage, and outside there are little birds flying free.

The window and the cage symbolizes entrapment and domestication, while the birds flying outside and the white flower represents freedom, while the white texture and the green bird embodies a certain calmness.

I created this artwork, because I wanted to express the feeling of calmness, amidst the cage and the feeling of entrapment.

I’m taking another online class, it’s called Introduction to Art: Concepts and Techniques on Coursera. It’s pretty interesting because I like to draw and I like art, but I’ve never taken a formal course in art, so it’s kind of fun.

And we get assignments, for me it’s just an excuse to cut of pictures from magazines and make “art”.

This week was about Fantastic Art, and we are supposed to create our own Fantastic Art.

If you’re interested in art, you should definitely try it out, like most Coursera courses, it’s free.


On App Reviews and Features


So I recently “wrote” an app (50K/30 available for sale now at the App Store ( for $1.99) and I spent maybe an entire day and night (read “dev” blog?) gathering and sorting through App Review sites.

Now Maniac Dev has a pretty impressive list of App Review sites (, but it has been months since that was updated.

I used that as my base list and just check out each and every site to see if they “fit” my app, well all the strictly game ones are out of the list, and obviously any site that is one break or stopped reviewing is also out of the list. I only ended up with around 50 sites, and that isn’t much for cold emails (the email version of cold calling?).

And then there are the review sites that charge you for expedited reviews. Now, I have no money, so no way am I going to go for that. Besides paying someone to review your app just seems kind of… wrong?

Now features are okay for me. If I have enough money, I’d pay someone to “feature” my app, I mean, that’s like advertising, right.

But yah, no money. My sister and I do call ourselves “2 Broke Girls”.

But hey, I realized that a lot of fellow indie developers are poor too. So what about us? How can we let anyone notice our app in that way way way too crowded App Store?

Okay, one idea, make my own App Review and Feature blog (I’m so poor, I can’t even afford a website). And then any indie developer can just I don’t know… shoot me an email or message me here or tweet me or toss me a paper note or whatever, and I will try my best to review or feature them, oh and I will not charge them anything, expedited reviews or what not (we’ll do it FIFO, first in first out?).

Okay, I know that my blog doesn’t really have that much page views (I take full responsibility for the lack of blog posts as of late). But if I have apps to review or feature (they should be easier to review than tech books, right?) and then I’d have more things to blog about. If I’m lazy to write, I can always make a video and ramble, I think.

So yeah, it’s just an idea. I will try to blog at least once a week and feature as much apps as possible (of course, that is if anyone will as me to review or feature them).

So that’s it for now.

MacHeist : Play games win free Mac software


From the website:

So, what exactly is MacHeist? It begins with the missions…. MacHeist’s missions are an opportunity for our members to live out some of their time travel fantasies, including family secrets, hidden rooms, and a storyline packed with Steampunk intrigue, while earning free Mac software.

They are pretty serious about giving away free software.

There has so far been 4 NanoMissions and 3 Missions, and I’m done with 5 of them, and gotten some pretty cool loot. And they’re not crap software, some of them are actually pretty useful, like NetShade (it makes your presence on the web anonymous by routing your connection through a proxy server). And they give away games too, like Fractal (made by the guys behind Auditorium) and Hector : Badge of Carnage.

It’s only for a limited time, so hop over to their site, register as an Agent, download the Missions, solve the puzzles and win free stuff.

I love puzzles and I love free stuff.

MacHeist : Play games win free Mac software